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112 Days Until Halloween - Countdown To Halloween 2024

Featured Image For 112 Days Until Halloween - Countdown To Halloween 2024.   A vintage Halloween illustration of a teenage boy wearing a 'Horrorween' t-shirt, walking down a street lined with jack-o'-lanterns and decorated houses, with a ghostly figure lurking in the background under a full moon.
As the teenage boy strolled down the eerie, jack-o'-lantern-lit street, the full moon cast an unsettling glow over the neighborhood. His 'Horrorween' t-shirt seemed almost prophetic as a ghostly figure appeared in the shadows, watching his every move. The stillness of the night was broken only by the distant rustle of leaves, hinting at the presence of something otherworldly. This Halloween, the line between reality and nightmare was dangerously thin.

🎃 112 days until Halloween! 🎃

Travel back to the classic days of Halloween with this nostalgic vintage illustration. A teenager, clad in a retro horror movie t-shirt, walks down a pumpkin-lined street on a spooky Halloween night. The glow of jack-o'-lanterns and the eerie full moon set the scene, while a ghostly figure lurks in the background, adding a touch of thrill. Relive the essence of Halloween nights filled with excitement and a hint of fear. Let the countdown continue!



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