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120 Days Until Halloween- Countdown To Halloween 2024

Featured Image For 120 Days Until Halloween- Countdown To Halloween 2024.   Young boy dressed as a vampire trick-or-treating at a house on Halloween night.
Little Dracula knocked on the door, unaware that the house had a history of trick-or-treaters disappearing without a trace. This Halloween, the past might just come knocking back.

🎃 120 days until Halloween! 🎃

Step into the golden age of Halloween with this delightful vintage illustration. A young trick-or-treater, dressed as a charming vampire, knocks on the door of a warmly lit home. The porch is adorned with glowing jack-o'-lanterns and spooky cobwebs, creating a perfect Halloween scene. Relive the excitement of trick-or-treating and the joy of Halloween nights gone by. Let the countdown continue!



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