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124 Days Until Halloween- Countdown To Halloween 2024

Featured Image For 124 Days Until Halloween- Countdown To Halloween 2024.   Vintage Halloween illustration of a young girl dressed as a princess, sitting on the floor with a collection of candy and a jack-o'-lantern basket.
Amidst the Halloween festivities, the little princess delights in her sugary treasures—unaware that some treats come with a sinister trick.

🎃 124 days until Halloween! 🎃

Step back in time with this delightful vintage Halloween illustration. A little princess, surrounded by a treasure trove of candies, sits joyfully inspecting her sweet haul from a night of trick-or-treating. The warm glow of the room, the charming jack-o'-lantern, and the nostalgic ambiance perfectly capture the magic of Halloween. Relive the excitement of those childhood Halloweens when every piece of candy was a delightful surprise.



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