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Cat's Eye 1985 Movie Poster

Featured Image For Cat's Eye 1985 Movie Poster.   Poster of "Cat's Eye" featuring a close-up of a cat's eye with a small creature breaking through a wall.
Stephen King's 'Cat's Eye' invites you to follow a cat on a chilling journey through interconnected tales of terror, where every shadow hides a lurking menace and danger peers through feline eyes.

The poster for the 1985 horror anthology film "Cat's Eye," based on stories by Stephen King, is an engaging and intriguing piece of art that effectively captures the film’s blend of suspense, horror, and supernatural elements. Directed by Lewis Teague, the film weaves together three separate stories connected by the presence of a stray cat.

Visual Elements

The most prominent feature of the poster is the close-up of a cat’s eye, which occupies the right side of the image. The eye is detailed and vivid, with a striking green hue that draws immediate attention. This focus on the cat's eye serves as a visual anchor, tying together the film’s disparate stories and suggesting a mystical or supernatural viewpoint.

On the left side of the poster, a small, grotesque creature is depicted breaking through a wall. This creature, a troll, is one of the antagonists in the film's final story. The troll's menacing expression and pointed knife add a sense of danger and horror, hinting at the threats that lurk within the film. The creature’s detailed, almost lifelike depiction contrasts with the more abstract representation of the cat’s eye, creating a dynamic visual tension.

The background of the poster is a muted, misty blue-gray, which adds an eerie, otherworldly atmosphere. This color palette enhances the sense of mystery and suspense, while the composition effectively uses negative space to draw the viewer's eye to the key elements.

Typography and Title Design

The title "Cat's Eye" is displayed in a simple, elegant font near the center-left of the poster. The use of a red color for the title contrasts with the cool background, ensuring that it stands out and is easily readable. The typography is straightforward and unobtrusive, allowing the visual elements to take center stage.

Above the title, the text "Follow the newest cat-and-creature game as played through" is presented in a smaller, black font. This tagline introduces the viewer to the film's unique narrative structure and builds intrigue about the "cat-and-creature game," setting up expectations for a story that blends suspense with supernatural elements.

At the bottom of the poster, the credits are listed in a standard, white font, providing information about the cast and crew. The names of the stars, including Drew Barrymore, James Woods, and Alan King, are prominently featured, along with the key creative forces behind the film, such as Stephen King (screenplay) and Carlo Rambaldi (creature effects). This information adds credibility and draws in fans of the actors and creators involved.

Contextual Background

"Cat's Eye" is an anthology film that features three short stories, "Quitters, Inc.," "The Ledge," and "General," all linked by the journey of a stray cat. Each story presents a different type of horror, from psychological suspense to supernatural terror. The film showcases Stephen King’s versatility as a storyteller and combines dark humor with moments of genuine fright.

Drew Barrymore plays a central role in the film's final segment, "General," which involves the cat protecting a young girl from the malevolent troll depicted in the poster. The film's blend of horror and fantasy, along with its interconnected narrative, makes it a unique entry in the horror genre.


The poster for "Cat's Eye" is a captivating and effective piece of horror movie marketing. Its striking imagery, featuring the close-up of the cat’s eye and the menacing troll, immediately draws the viewer's attention and sets the tone for the film. The use of color and composition creates an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere, while the simple typography ensures that the visual elements remain the focus.

By highlighting the cat’s eye and the creature, the poster effectively conveys the film's blend of supernatural and horror elements. It invites viewers into a world of suspense and terror, promising an anthology of chilling tales woven together by a mystical feline presence. This poster not only serves as an enticing promotional tool but also captures the unique and imaginative spirit of "Cat's Eye."

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