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Edward Scissorhands 1990 Movie Poster

Featured Image For Edward Scissorhands 1990 Movie Poster.  Edward Scissorhands movie poster featuring Johnny Depp with scissor hands.
Tim Burton's newest creation, Edward Scissorhands, a gentle soul with a haunting presence and a deadly touch.

The poster for Tim Burton’s 1990 film "Edward Scissorhands" is a visually captivating piece that encapsulates the film’s unique blend of whimsy and melancholy. The design reflects the gothic fairy tale aesthetic that is signature to Burton's work and highlights the central themes of the movie.

Visual Elements

The most striking feature of the poster is the close-up image of Edward Scissorhands, played by Johnny Depp. Edward's pale, scarred face dominates the right side of the poster, his soulful eyes looking downward with a mix of curiosity and sadness. The detailed makeup work on Depp’s face, showing the character’s scars and pallor, immediately draws the viewer in and evokes a sense of sympathy and intrigue.

Edward’s scissor hands are prominently featured in the foreground, extending towards the left side of the poster. The metallic blades catch the light and are rendered with sharp, reflective surfaces that highlight their unnatural and menacing appearance. However, the posture of Edward’s hands, held delicately, suggests a gentle nature despite their intimidating form. This contrast between the danger and fragility of the character is central to the film's narrative.

The background of the poster is kept minimal, with a clean white space that makes Edward's image stand out even more. The simplicity of the background allows the viewer to focus entirely on the character, emphasizing his isolation and uniqueness.

Typography and Title Design

The title "Edward Scissorhands" is positioned at the bottom of the poster in a clean, art deco-inspired font. The turquoise color of the text contrasts subtly with the white background, adding a touch of elegance and a hint of the whimsical world Burton creates. The font choice is both modern and nostalgic, fitting the film’s blend of contemporary and fantastical elements.

At the top of the poster, the text "THE DIRECTOR OF 'BATMAN' & 'BEETLEJUICE' INVITES YOU TO MEET HIS NEWEST CREATION" is displayed in a multi-colored font, with each word or phrase in a different hue. This colorful approach adds a playful element to the poster, hinting at the imaginative and fantastical nature of the film. It also serves to draw attention to Burton’s previous successes, building anticipation and credibility.

Contextual Background

"Edward Scissorhands" is a romantic dark fantasy horror film directed by Tim Burton, with a screenplay by Caroline Thompson. It tells the story of Edward, an artificial man created by an inventor who dies before finishing him, leaving Edward with scissors instead of hands. He lives alone in a gothic mansion until a kind suburban woman discovers him and brings him to her home. The film explores themes of acceptance, isolation, and the struggle to fit into society.

Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Edward is iconic, showcasing a character who is both gentle and misunderstood. The film is also notable for its beautiful score by Danny Elfman, which enhances the emotional and whimsical tone of the story.


The poster for "Edward Scissorhands" is a perfect reflection of Tim Burton's unique storytelling style. The focus on the character’s expressive face and intricate scissor hands immediately conveys the film’s central themes of beauty, sadness, and otherness. The use of minimal background emphasizes Edward's isolation, while the playful and elegant typography hints at the film's blend of dark fantasy and whimsy.

This poster not only serves as an effective promotional tool but also stands as a piece of art that captures the essence of one of Tim Burton’s most beloved films. It invites viewers into a world where the fantastical meets the everyday, promising an emotional and visually stunning cinematic experience.

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