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Evil Dead 2 1987 Reviewed

Featured Image For Evil Dead 2 1987 Reviewed.  Movie poster for "Evil Dead 2" featuring a skull with human eyes, implying a sinister presence within.
Gaze into the eyes of dread, where the line between life and death blurs to a scream.

Let's walk into the woods where things always go sideways, where the cabin shivers and the trees whisper forgotten incantations. Evil Dead 2... let's get a little groovy with one of horror's legendary gore feasts. It's got all the delicious bits horror fans hunger for – buckets of blood, severed limbs, demonic possession, and that one-armed, chainsaw-wielding madman, Ash.

Evil Dead 2 Key Takeaways

  • Horror and comedy can be a perfect mix: Evil Dead 2 is a prime example of how to blend scares and laughter, creating a unique and unsettlingly hilarious experience.

  • Practical effects still rock: Even with today's CGI, the inventiveness and visceral quality of the practical effects in Evil Dead 2 hold up incredibly well.

  • Bruce Campbell is a legend: His over-the-top, energetic portrayal of Ash cements his status as one of horror's most iconic heroes.

  • Raimi's camera madness: The frenetic energy of Sam Raimi's direction makes the film feel hyper-kinetic and adds to the relentless chaos.

  • The importance of sound design: The shrieks, gurgles, and other grotesque sound effects go a long way in establishing the film's terrifying atmosphere.

  • Never trust an ancient book: Especially one bound in human skin and inked with blood. The Necronomicon is one seriously bad read.

  • Chainsaws make surprisingly good weapons: Who needs conventional weaponry when you've got a roaring chainsaw ready to slice through demons?

  • Sometimes, absurdity is its own reward: Evil Dead 2 embraces plot holes and over-the-top sequences for the sake of pure, visceral entertainment.

  • Cult classics earn their status: This film is proof that a combination of gore, wild humor, and a unique vision can create something that stands the test of time.

A woman screams, mouth wide open, while watching Evil Dead 2 (1987).
Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, the poster on her wall winked.

This flick is a beast reborn from the ashes of Sam Raimi's 1981 cult classic, The Evil Dead. Yet, don't expect a straight replay. This time around, there's a sly grin beneath the grimace.

Sure, Raimi brings back the relentless, flesh-craving Deadites. Ash Williams, played with crazed perfection by Bruce Campbell, is back too. But get ready for the wild ride – Evil Dead 2 amps up the gore with a healthy dose of self-aware, slapstick absurdity.

Picture this: Ash and his girlfriend Linda find themselves back in the same nightmare cabin. That cursed tape recorder returns, reciting passages from the Necronomicon – the Book of the Dead. You know the drill. Evil spirits unleashed. Linda is possessed. And poor Ash? Well, let's just say his chainsaw gets a serious workout.

What makes Evil Dead 2 truly stand out from your average horror movie is its twisted ballet of mayhem and madness. The relentless camera work is pure Raimi — swooping, diving, and spinning. It's enough to make your stomach churn, and you'll love every minute of it. The special effects, while quite dated today, have a visceral charm. It's all done without CGI – think oozing, gooey practical effects that splash across the screen.

The real twisted genius, though, lies in how Raimi blends the blood-soaked horror with Three Stooges-inspired slapstick. One moment you're recoiling at a geyser of gore, and the next, you're laughing hysterically as Ash battles his own possessed hand. It's a bizarre, beautiful combo that shouldn't work, but somehow, it absolutely does.

A terrified man watches Evil Dead 2 (1987), clutching a broken lamp as if for protection.
With every demonic cackle from the screen, the shadows in his room grow a little closer.

Rotten Tomatoes Loves This Film

Bruce Campbell's performance as Ash is nothing short of iconic. With every grunt, chainsaw rev, and sweat-drenched grimace, he transforms the early story's hapless victim into an unhinged, gloriously over-the-top demon hunter. He delivers the cheesy one-liners, the slapstick pratfalls, and the blood-curdling screams with such gusto that you can’t help but root for this chainsaw-wielding madman.

Now, don't expect a neatly wrapped-up, sensible narrative. True to its B-movie roots, the plot is an unholy mess of loose threads and logic gaps. But who cares? This ain't about making sense. It's about the spectacle, the relentless assault on the senses, the gleeful descent into campy chaos.

Sure, the pacing gets frantic and the sheer ludicrousness threatens to derail the whole experience at times. But just when you think it's about to jump the shark, Raimi reels it back in with a knowing wink and a fresh splash of viscera. The ending? Well, let's just say it lands with a splat that leaves you wanting more.

Evil Dead 2 is a horror-comedy hybrid that pushes boundaries and revels in its own absurdity. It's not for the faint of heart; the gore and gags come thick and fast. But for horror fans with a taste for the wild and wacky, it's a cult classic for a reason. Buckle up, grab a chainsaw, and take a trip back to that cursed cabin in the woods. Just remember, if you hear something whispering in the darkness, it's probably already too late.

And that is The Evil Dead 2 1987 Reviewed. Another great classic horror comedy that we still love to this day. 

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Evil Dead 2 1987 Reviewed FAQs

Q: What is The Evil Dead 2 about? 

A: The Evil Dead 2 is a horror-comedy film directed by Sam Raimi, which serves as both a sequel and a remake of the original Evil Dead. The movie follows Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), who returns to the isolated cabin from the first film with his girlfriend, Linda. They stumble upon a tape recording of an archaeologist reciting passages from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (Book of the Dead), accidentally unleashing demonic forces. Ash finds himself battling Deadites (flesh-possessing spirits) in a gruesome and hilarious fight for survival.

Q: Is The Evil Dead 2 a remake of the original Evil Dead? 

A: Yes, The Evil Dead 2 is both a sequel and a remake of the original Evil Dead. It essentially retells the story of the first film with a bigger budget, a more comedic tone, and increased gore. However, it also picks up where the first film leaves off, continuing the story of Ash's battle against the evil forces.

Q: Who are the main characters in The Evil Dead 2? 

A: The main characters in The Evil Dead 2 are:

  • Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell): The lone survivor of the first film, Ash is a resourceful but unhinged hero who battles the Deadites with a chainsaw attached to his hand (where his true hand used to be).

  • Linda (Denise Bixler): Ash's girlfriend, who quickly becomes possessed by the demonic forces.

  • Annie Knowby (Sarah Berry): The daughter of the archaeologist who originally discovered the Necronomicon, Annie arrives at the cabin with new pages of the book.

  • Jake (Dan Hicks): Annie's boyfriend, who is skeptical but ultimately gets drawn into the horrific events.

  • Bobby Joe (Kassie Wesley DePaiva): A local who helps guide Annie and Jake to the cabin.

  • Ed Getley (Richard Domeier): Another local who accompanies the group.

Q: What are some key elements that make The Evil Dead 2 worth a watch? 

A: The Evil Dead 2 is worth a watch because of:

  • Blend of horror and comedy: The film seamlessly mixes genuine scares with slapstick humor and over-the-top gore, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Bruce Campbell's performance: Campbell's iconic portrayal of Ash brings both humor and grit to the role, making him a beloved horror hero.

  • Innovative camera work: Sam Raimi's hyperkinetic camera style amps up the chaos and adds a disorienting, visceral energy to the movie.

  • Practical effects: The practical effects, while somewhat dated by today's standards, are gruesomely charming and contribute to the film's cult appeal.

Q: How was the reception of The Evil Dead 2 by viewers and critics? 

A: The Evil Dead 2 was widely praised by critics and audiences. It's considered a cult classic and has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Viewers and critics commended the film's creative direction, blend of horror and comedy, special effects, and Bruce Campbell's performance.

Q: Can you explain the plot of The Evil Dead 2 in more detail? 

A: Here's a more detailed breakdown of the plot:

  • The Setup: Ash and Linda arrive at the secluded cabin. They find the tape recording of Professor Knowby reciting the incantations from the Necronomicon, unleashing evil spirits.

  • Linda's Possession: Linda becomes a Deadite, leading Ash to gruesomely decapitate her.

  • The Arrival: Annie Knowby, the professor's daughter, arrives with Jake, Bobby Joe, and Ed to find the missing pages of the Necronomicon.

  • Cabin Carnage: The Deadites relentlessly attack the group, possessing and dismembering several characters.

  • Ash's Struggle: Ash battles his own possessed hand and the evil forces, with over-the-top gore and comedic moments interspersed throughout the fight.

  • The Climax: With Annie's help, Ash attempts to defeat the evil by opening a vortex to banish the Deadites.

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