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Late Night With The Devil Conjures Up 70s Thrills

Featured Image For Late Night With The Devil Conjures Up 70s Thrills. Movie poster for 'Late Night With The Devil' showing a man in a suit with his leg on fire, with a horrified cast below and a bold title above.
As the flames of the underworld lick at his heels, 'Late Night With The Devil' promises a broadcast from beyond the grave that scorches the soul.

Forget primetime, horror fiends – the real chills are coming in after dark. This March 22nd, something wicked slithers out of the shadows, a film titled "Late Night With The Devil." It's a shag carpet nightmare, a blast from the past where the hair was big, suits were wide, and evil? Well, evil never went out of style.

Picture this: a late-night talk show, the kind with fake wood paneling and a band that sounds like they were beamed straight outta Studio 54. The host, Jack Delroy, is one smooth talker with a desperate glint in his eye. This ain't no Jimmy Fallon, no sir. Jack's clawing for ratings in a cutthroat world, and he's ready to summon something spooky for a killer Halloween special.

Who Let the Devil In?

Jack's got his sights set on a mind-reader who might – just might – be channeling something more sinister than stage tricks. Rumor has it this parapsychologist is the real deal, possessed by Satan himself. Now, some folks might call that crazy, but Jack? He smells ratings gold, and a side of sweet, delicious terror.

The thing is, in this game, playing with fire gets you burned, and Jack might just have bitten off more than he can chew. You can't go messing with the Devil and expect to walk away scot-free. This ain't a séance with a plastic Ouija board – this is full-tilt, televised terror.

A Blast From the Groovy, Ghoulish Past

These Aussie filmmakers, the Cairnes brothers, they did their homework. "Late Night with the Devil" ain't some slapdash horror flick, no way. They've recreated the whole 70s late-night vibe with freaky precision – the suits, the patter, even the commercials feel like a warped time capsule. It's more than a backdrop, though; that era of canned laughter and fake smiles becomes the perfect breeding ground for authentic scares.

The Word on the Street

"Late Night With The Devil" hasn't even hit our screens just yet, but folks are already buzzing. It premiered at SXSW, and the word on the street is this flick is a mind-blower. Even Stephen King himself gave it the thumbs up, calling it "absolutely brilliant." Now, if the master of horror is singing its praises, you know this ain't your run-of-the-mill spookfest.

Tune In or Miss Out

Mark your calendars, my fellow darkness-seekers: "Late Night With The Devil" drops on IFC March 22nd. And it is fixin to be a modern horror classic. But if you miss it, fear not – it'll be streaming on Shudder from April 19. Just remember, once the lights go down and that theme song kicks in, you might wanna check under the bed... the Devil may be a lot closer than you think.


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