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Late Night With The Devil Trailer Promises Vintage Chills and Thrills

Late Night With Featured Image For The Devil Trailer Promises Vintage Chills and Thrills.  Poster for "Late Night With The Devil" showing a man in a suit with his lower half on fire, with intense facial expressions of cast members above the title.
When the clock strikes midnight, the interview with the underworld begins - feel the burn of terWhen the clock strikes midnight, the interview with the underworld begins - feel the burn of terror in 'Late Night With The Devil'.When the clock strikes midnight, the interview with the underworld begins - feel the burn of terror in 'Late Night With The Devil'.ror in 'Late Night With The Devil'.

The grainy flicker of old cathode-ray tubes...the hum of studio lights...the uneasy laughter of a live audience. Something lurks behind the forced smiles and practiced patter of late-night television, ready to bleed onto the airwaves. Get ready folks, because "Late Night With

The Devil" is about to drag you into the heart of a televised nightmare you won't soon forget.

Coming to IFC on March 22nd, this spine-chilling found footage extravaganza is directed by those masters of the macabre, the Cairnes brothers (Cameron and Colin). It stars the unnervingly versatile David Dastmalchian as Jack Delroy, a late-night talk show host whose desperate hunger for ratings just might have summoned something far darker than a mere dip in the Nielsens.

The Ghoulish Glow of the 1970s

Forget the sleek HD of today. "Late Night With The Devil" revels in the warm, fuzzy haze of 1970s television. Think garish sets, wood-paneled everything, and fashion choices that would make a demon blush. This isn't just a setting, it's a time capsule of a bygone era where even the mundane crackles with sinister potential.

Set on Halloween night, 1977, Delroy's show "Night Owls" is poised to make a splash. He's pulled out all the stops: a parapsychologist (the icy and enigmatic Laura Gordon), a haunted artifact brought on set, and a young woman named Evelyn (Ingrid Torelli), whose wide eyes and haunted demeanor whisper of a brush with true evil.

Catch The Trailer For Late Night With The Devil Here...

When Talk Shows Turn Terrifying

Think of the great, almost hypnotic power of the classic talk show – the intimate interviews, the simmering tension between guests, the unspoken dread lurking just beneath the surface. Now add a dash of the demonic, a sprinkle of the supernatural, and watch it all explode in a frenzy of unholy mayhem.

"Late Night with the Devil" promises to twist the talk show format into something monstrous. As the interview progresses, the studio itself seems to rebel. Lights flicker ominously. The audience's laughter grows brittle and forced. Delroy, ever the showman, desperately tries to paper over the cracks, but behind his frantic grin, something like true terror flickers.

The Devil's in the Details

The Cairnes brothers are no strangers to horror done right, and from all accounts, "Late Night With The Devil" is another twisted gem in their crown. Expect meticulous period detail that'll have you itching to dig out your old bellbottoms, a creeping sense of unease that slowly constricts like a boa, and a performance from Dastmalchian that's said to be both chilling and darkly hilarious. Even Stephen King gave it his stamp of approval, folks!

Mark Your Calendars, Horror Hounds!

So, dim the lights, grab a bucket of popcorn, and prepare to lose yourself in the sinister spectacle that is "Late Night With The Devil". Come March 22nd, IFC will be your portal to a world where the line between entertainment and true terror gets devilishly blurry. Are you brave enough to tune in? Don't worry this modern horror classic is also streaming on Shudder on April 19th.


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