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Night Of The Demon 1957 Movie Poster

Featured Image For Night Of The Demon 1957 Movie Poster.  Movie poster for "Night of the Demon" featuring a menacing demon, Stonehenge, and terrified characters.
"Night of the Demon" - Witness the most terrifying story ever told, where ancient runes and demonic forces unleash a nightmare beyond imagination.

The poster for the 1957 horror film "Night of the Demon," known as "Curse of the Demon" in the United States, is an iconic piece that effectively conveys the film's themes of supernatural horror and suspense. Directed by Jacques Tourneur, this film is a classic in the horror genre, and the poster reflects its chilling and atmospheric essence.

Visual Elements

The central image of the poster is dominated by a terrifying depiction of a demonic creature, set against a fiery, hellish background. The demon's face is grotesque, with glowing yellow eyes, sharp fangs, and pointed ears. This monstrous figure immediately captures the viewer's attention, evoking a sense of dread and horror. The use of bright, intense colors like yellow, red, and orange adds to the sense of danger and supernatural menace.

In the foreground, there is an image of a woman in a white dress, seemingly fainting or in distress, which adds a sense of vulnerability and highlights the terror that the demon represents. This figure helps to humanize the horror, providing a stark contrast to the monstrous demon.

At the bottom right of the poster, there is a smaller inset image of the film's stars, Dana Andrews and Peggy Cummins. Their expressions of concern and fear further emphasize the film's tension and suspense. The inclusion of this image serves to ground the supernatural elements of the poster, reminding viewers of the human characters at the heart of the story.

The background features a stylized representation of Stonehenge, shrouded in darkness and mystery. This setting is significant to the film's plot and adds an element of ancient, mystical power to the poster.

Typography and Title Design

The title "Curse of the Demon" is prominently displayed at the bottom of the poster in large, bold red letters with a slightly jagged font, giving it a sense of urgency and danger. Although the poster uses the American title, for the sake of this analysis, the film is referred to by its original title, "Night of the Demon."

Above the title, the tagline "MOST TERRIFYING STORY THE SCREEN HAS EVER TOLD!" is written in bold yellow letters, making a dramatic claim that draws viewers in with the promise of unparalleled horror. This tagline is positioned directly below the demon's face, reinforcing the connection between the imagery and the film's central theme of supernatural terror.

At the top of the poster, the word "HORROR!" in large, red letters immediately sets the genre expectation and grabs the viewer's attention. The bold, uppercase typography ensures that the message is clear and impactful.

Contextual Background

"Night of the Demon" is a British horror film based on the short story "Casting the Runes" by M.R. James. The film follows American psychologist Dr. John Holden (Dana Andrews) as he investigates a mysterious death and uncovers a satanic cult led by the sinister Julian Karswell (Niall MacGinnis). The film is renowned for its atmospheric tension, psychological horror, and the effective use of suggestion and shadows to create fear.

Directed by Jacques Tourneur, known for his work on "Cat People" and "I Walked with a Zombie," the film blends psychological and supernatural horror, making it a standout in the genre. Despite some controversy over the depiction of the demon, which Tourneur originally intended to remain unseen, the film has gained critical acclaim for its storytelling and chilling atmosphere.


The poster for "Night of the Demon" is a masterful example of horror movie marketing from the 1950s. Its vivid, intense imagery of the demonic creature, combined with the dramatic typography and bold colors, effectively conveys the film's themes of supernatural horror and suspense. The contrast between the monstrous demon and the vulnerable human figures creates a sense of terror and urgency that draws viewers in.

By highlighting the film's stars and setting, the poster provides context and adds depth to the visual presentation. The use of bold taglines and striking visual elements ensures that the poster stands out and captures the essence of the film, promising an experience that is both terrifying and unforgettable. This poster not only serves as an enticing promotional tool but also stands as a piece of art that reflects the enduring appeal of "Night of the Demon."

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