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Scary Movies Out April 2024: Horror and Monsters Abound!

Featured Image For Scary Movies Out April 2024: Horror and Monsters Abound!.  The First Omen" movie poster with a solitary figure standing in front of an imposing church gate, illuminated by a ghostly light in a haunting black and white contrast.
From the shadows of the sacred, a new dread arises. 'The First Omen' foretells the coming of a fear so primal, its very creation spells our doom.

Lock your doors and check under the bed, horror fans! April 2024 is about to turn your theater trip into a terrifyingly good time. This month delivers everything from a bone-chilling prequel to a classic horror tale to epic monster clashes and blood-soaked independent gems. If you love a good scare, mark your calendar – April's movie lineup will haunt your dreams.

Movie Breakdowns

The First Omen (April 5th)

The very name "Omen" conjures images of unholy dread, and this April, we're getting a fresh dose of those heebie-jeebies. "The First Omen" journeys back in time, twisting us into the shadowy world of a Roman orphanage where a young woman (Nell Tiger Free) uncovers a sinister conspiracy within the hallowed halls of the church. Expect whispers of the supernatural, an unnerving child with secrets darker than night, and the lingering sense that true evil is about to be unleashed. This prequel promises to tap into the chilling power of the original – a testament to its enduring legacy in the world of horror.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (April 12th)

Get ready to rumble! "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire" unleashes the iconic titans for another earth-shattering showdown, but this time, the stakes are even higher. Beyond these legendary foes lurks a hidden world filled with monstrous behemoths ready to rip our world apart. This is the type of movie you crave for pure, adrenaline-fueled spectacle – crumbling skyscrapers, awe-inspiring visuals, and a soundtrack that'll leave your teeth chattering. Brace yourself for glorious monster mayhem and a front-row seat to the ultimate smackdown.

Abigail (April 19th)

Seeking horror with a wicked grin? "Abigail" delivers with a modern-day spin on the classic vampire tale. When a gang of hapless kidnappers abduct Abigail, they quickly discover their captive is no ordinary victim – she's a pint-sized vampire out for vengeance (and probably some tasty blood). From the twisted minds behind "Ready or Not" comes a stylish, neon-drenched feast of horror and dark humor. Expect killer action, jet-black comedy, and fang-tastic fun with a side of social commentary.

Abigail" movie poster featuring a young girl in a tutu with an ominous, dark stain spreading over her dress, set against a stark black background.
In the guise of innocence, the darkest of evils takes form. 'Abigail' shows us that monsters don't just lurk under the bed—they can dance in the light, too.

Other Notable Releases

  • Baghead (April 5th): Shadows twist and writhe in the basement of a dilapidated family pub, whispering of ancient secrets best left undisturbed. When desperation seeps into every corner, a mysterious entity – a shape-shifting creature rumored to be Baghead itself – offers a grotesque bargain: two minutes of terror for a fistful of cash. But the deal comes with a chilling twist, and soon, the choice between survival and greed becomes a horrifying gamble. (Streaming on Shudder & AMC+) Sting (April 12th): It begins with a single bite, a ripple of pain that unleashes a monstrous transformation. What was once a harmless pet is now a towering, eight-legged predator, cunning and hungry. As this super-sized arachnid weaves its deadly web across a small town, nowhere feels safe. Every rustle of leaves, every creaking floorboard, sets nerves on edge. Brace yourself for terrifying jump scares, stomach-churning sequences, and a primal fear that sinks its fangs deep. Infested (April 26th):  The Parisian apartment should be a haven. Instead, it becomes a claustrophobic nightmare. A single venomous spider, its bite promising excruciating agony, turns an ordinary home into a relentless hunting ground. This chilling French import doesn't rely on gore; it builds pure terror from the unseen, the slow creep of dread with every flicker of shadow and unexplained noise. Prepare for a chilling battle of wits – and a desperate struggle for survival against a tiny, relentless enemy.

"Baghead" movie poster showing a gruesome, desiccated hand pulling at a burlap sack, revealing a terrifying mouth with sharp teeth.
In the silent depths of the burlap shroud, lies a mouth that whispers death. Dare to speak with the dead, and 'Baghead' will make you pay the ultimate price.

How to Watch

This April, theaters are poised to become havens (or perhaps hellscapes) of thrilling screams and edge-of-your-seat chills. Prepare to experience the bone-rattling roars of Godzilla and Kong, the unsettling atmosphere of "Infested," and the darkly comedic thrills of "Abigail" all with the immersive power of a surround-sound system.

However, if venturing out isn't your style, fear not! Keep an eye out for streaming services and VOD platforms throughout April. "Baghead" has already secured its spot on Shudder and AMC+, promising a chilling experience straight to your living room. As for the other films, stay tuned to official announcements for potential streaming or VOD releases.

No matter your preference – a heart-pounding experience in the theater or a fright-filled night in your comfy PJs – April's horror offerings have you covered. So, mark your calendars, grab your horror-loving friends (or a fluffy companion for moral support), and prepare to be scared!


April 2024 is a horror lover's paradise. From time-honored chills to creature-feature pandemonium and fresh independent nightmares, this movie lineup caters to every kind of scare enthusiast. So, tell me, dear readers, which of these modern films has you dying with anticipation (and maybe hiding a little bit behind your popcorn bucket)?


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