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The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Reviewed

Featured Image For The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Reviewed.  Movie poster featuring the eclectic cast of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," with a bold yellow backdrop and the tagline "He's the hero—that's right—the hero.
Step into the flamboyant world of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" – where heroes aren't just untraditional, they're out of this world!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show detonated in theaters back in 1975, a glorious supernova of glitter, fishnets, and absolute debauchery. It painted the silver screen with sci-fi camp and a rock 'n' roll spirit, etching itself onto the brains of a generation with songs that still send shivers down spines. But what's it like to watch this cultural atomic bomb in today's world? Is it just a faded relic of a bygone era or does it still rock our worlds? Let's dive in.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Key Takeaways

  • Embrace Your Inner Weirdo: The film is a riotous celebration of individuality and self-expression. It encourages letting go of inhibitions and embracing your authentic self, no matter how strange or unconventional.

  • Question Societal Norms: Rocky Horror playfully skewers traditional gender roles, sexual mores, and societal expectations. It challenges the audience to think beyond the boundaries of what's considered "normal."

  • Don't Dream It, Be It: A core message of the film is to stop fantasizing and start living out your desires. Rocky Horror is a call to action to be bold and embrace your passions.

  • Community is Everything: The film's cult following and interactive midnight screenings emphasize the power of community and finding a place where you belong, no matter how unconventional you may seem.

  • B-movies & Camp Culture Can Be Awesome: Rocky Horror pays homage to the campy style and absurdity of classic horror and sci-fi films. It celebrates the joy of finding entertainment in even the most outrageous and low-budget productions.

  • Music is Powerful: The film's soundtrack is packed with iconic, catchy songs that burrow into your brain and get you moving. It's a testament to the power of music in driving a movie's energy and staying with you long after.

Woman with a look of terror on her face watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
She thought it was just a movie. She was dead wrong.

Picture this: Brad and Janet, a wholesome, oh-so-square couple, find themselves stranded on a lonely road in the middle of a downpour. Thunder cracks and a dark castle looms – the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. It's one stormy night that'll strip away their inhibitions and expose them to the sweet sins of Transylvania.

Let's talk Frank-N-Furter. Forget your run-of-the-mill mad scientists – this transvestite Dr. Frankenstein is something else entirely. Played by Tim Curry in his career-defining role, Frank commands the screen like a glam-rock tyrant. It's a performance that crackles with sexual energy, dripping with decadence, and just about steals the show. Susan Sarandon as Janet and Barry Bostwick as Brad are perfect as the wide-eyed innocents corrupted by Frank's mad world, though Janet's transformation into a pleasure-seeker is where Sarandon truly shines.

The rest of the cast is an unforgettable parade of misfits. Riff Raff, the hunchbacked butler, and his sister Magenta slither around with an unnerving creepiness. Then there's Columbia, the tap-dancing groupie, and the ex-delivery boy Eddie, played by a whirlwind of energy named Meat Loaf. And, of course, we can't forget Rocky, the muscle man Frank conjures up as a twisted plaything, played by Peter Hinwood. Sure, he's not big on dialogue, but his golden physique speaks volumes.

Directed by Jim Sharman, Rocky Horror is a wild, colorful beast. It's part lurid fever dream, part rock concert, and part satirical love letter to classic horror films. The dialogue bounces from witty to outrageously silly, and Richard O'Brien (who also played Riff Raff) wrote songs that burrow into your brain and refuse to leave – "The Time Warp" alone is a pop culture phenomenon, a ritual passed down through generations.

A man in a dimly lit theater recoils in his seat, eyes wide with terror as a scene from The Rocky Horror Picture Show plays on the screen.
The screen wasn't the only thing sending shivers down his spine...

The Critic Reviews and User Reviews Are Mostly Positive For This 1975 Classic. 

This movie revels in its own weirdness. It's the kind of film where a stuffy criminologist (played by Charles Gray) narrates the mayhem with a deadpan delivery, somehow making the insanity feel even more absurd. It pokes fun at old monster movies, throws in some madcap musical numbers, and winks knowingly at the audience at every turn.

But what IS The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Honestly, trying to neatly categorize it is like wrangling a greased-up eel. Part musical, part B-movie homage, part glittery bacchanal – it's a full-bodied experience, not just something you passively watch. It's a cult movie in the truest sense, a film that sparked a whole culture of its own. Midnight showings have turned into interactive events filled with costumes, props, and shadow casts acting out scenes alongside the screen. It's audience participation taken to a whole other dimension.

So, here's the burning question: does Rocky Horror still hold up in an age far removed from its 1975 origins? I say a resounding yes, but with an asterisk. It's a film to be embraced for its flaws, loved for its campy, over-the-top style, and celebrated as a testament to embracing your inner freak flag. Some of the humor hasn't aged well, the plot gets drowned out by the spectacle at times, and it might feel positively tame to younger audiences raised on hyper-stimulation. But there's a timeless magic in its brazen spirit and infectious energy, a sense of liberation in its full-throated cry for pleasure and self-expression.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a spectacle, a party, and an enduring testament to the power of being unapologetically yourself. It's a film that invites you to lose yourself in its chaotic embrace, to let out your inner weirdo, and to give yourself over to absolute pleasure. If you're up for the ride, buckle in – this one's going to be a bumpy journey to Transylvania that you won't soon forget.

And that is The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Reviewed. Another great classic horror movie

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Reviewed FAQs

Q: Where can I watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  • A: You have a few options to experience The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

  • Midnight Screenings: Find theaters near you that host the legendary midnight screenings. These are interactive events where costumes, shouting at the screen, and using props are all part of the experience. 

  • Streaming Platforms: The movie is often available to rent or purchase on popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, and Vudu.

  • Home Video: If you're a collector, grab a physical copy on DVD or Blu-ray – they sometimes include bonus features and special editions.

Q: Who are some key characters in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  • A: Here's a breakdown of the main players you'll meet in Frank's castle:

  • Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry): A brilliant, pansexual, transvestite mad scientist from the planet Transsexual in the Transylvania galaxy.

  • Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick): Janet's wholesome, square fiancé.

  • Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon): Brad's equally innocent fiancée, who undergoes a wild transformation.

  • Riff Raff (Richard O'Brien): Frank's hunchbacked, creepy handyman and the film's writer.

  • Magenta (Patricia Quinn): Riff Raff's sister and accomplice, also a domestic in the castle.

  • Columbia (Nell Campbell): A flamboyant groupie devoted to Frank-N-Furter.

  • Rocky Horror (Peter Hinwood): Frank's muscular, blond lab creation.

  • Eddie (Meat Loaf): A former delivery boy and rock 'n' roll enthusiast.

  • The Criminologist (Charles Gray): An unnamed narrator who brings an air of formal expertise to the outlandish events.

Q: What is the significance of the midnight screening of Rocky Horror?

  • A: Midnight screenings of Rocky Horror are a worldwide phenomenon unlike anything else in cinema. They evolved into:

  • A Ritual: There are established traditions, call-back lines, props, and costumes, creating a sense of shared experience for devoted fans.

  • Community Hub: These screenings foster a strong sense of belonging for people who feel like outsiders, celebrating the eccentric and letting people express themselves fully.

  • Performance Art: Shadow casts (groups of actors) often perform the film live in front of the screen, adding another layer of entertainment.

Q: Is The Rocky Horror Picture Show considered a classic film?

  • A: Absolutely! It has the hallmarks of a cult classic:

  • Enduring Popularity: Decades after its release, it still enjoys a dedicated following and continues to attract new fans.

  • Niche Appeal: It's not mainstream, but beloved for its campy style, unique themes, and participatory nature.

  • Historical Significance: It holds the record for the longest-running theatrical release in film history.

Q: Who starred in the original stage show of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  • A: Tim Curry originated the iconic role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter on both the London and Los Angeles stage productions of The Rocky Horror Show. He reprised the role for the legendary film adaptation.

Q: What are some iconic songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  • A: Get ready to be earwormed by these classics:

  • "Time Warp": The ultimate dance instruction song with widespread pop culture recognition.

  • "Sweet Transvestite": Frank-N-Furter's flamboyant introduction.

  • "Dammit Janet": Brad and Janet's love ballad with surprisingly dark undertones.

  • "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me": Janet's sensual awakening.

  • "Science Fiction/Double Feature": The movie's opening song, an ode to classic B-movies.

Q: How has The Rocky Horror Picture Show influenced popular culture?

  • A Rocky Horror's impact is far-reaching

  • Pioneering Camp Aesthetics: Its over-the-top style, blending glamour and low-budget sci-fi, influenced later films and fashion.

  • Audience Participation in Film: It helped popularize the idea of movies as interactive experiences.


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