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119 Days Until Halloween- Countdown To Halloween 2024

Featured Image For 119 Days Until Halloween- Countdown To Halloween 2024.   Couple at a drive-in movie theater on Halloween night, with a scary face on the screen.
As the moon rose high and the horror movie played, the couple at the drive-in failed to notice the shadowy figure creeping closer. This Halloween, the terror on the screen wasn’t the only thing to fear.

🎃 119 days until Halloween! 🎃

Take a trip back to the golden age of Halloween with this captivating vintage illustration. A young couple enjoys a spooky drive-in movie night, the screen dominated by a chilling image of a ghostly figure. Classic cars fill the lot, and a carved pumpkin sits on the car dashboard, adding to the eerie atmosphere. Relive the thrill of outdoor cinemas and the joy of Halloween nights past. Let the countdown continue!

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