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Evil Dead 2 1987 Movie Poster

Featured Image For Evil Dead 2 1987 Movie Poster.  Intense close-up movie poster for 'Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn' showcasing a human skull with one eye glaring ominously, set against a dark background with the movie's title in bold red font.
Gaze into the void of 'Evil Dead 2,' where the line between the living and the damned dissolves, and a single eye is the window to relentless terror.

The poster for "Evil Dead 2" from 1987 is a compelling visual that immediately draws the eye with its close-up of a skull that appears both menacing and human, reflecting the horror-comedy tone of the film. The skull's left eye, still intact, stares directly at the viewer, creating an unsettling feeling of consciousness and a sense of the supernatural. This image directly correlates to the movie's exploration of demonic possession and the undead.

The title "Evil Dead 2" is prominently displayed in a vibrant red, splashed across the poster like blood, which contrasts sharply against the dark background and the white of the skull. The subtitle "Dead by Dawn" reinforces the ominous promise of horror that awaits viewers. The film itself is a cult classic, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, who faces off against a horde of possessed friends and demons in a remote cabin.

This sequel builds on the foundation of the original "The Evil Dead" film, known for its innovative camera work, gruesome practical effects, and a blend of slapstick comedy with genuine scares. "Evil Dead 2" not only increased the scale of action and special effects but also expanded the mythos surrounding the cursed Necronomicon, the book of the dead that unleashes evil when read aloud.

The credits at the bottom of the poster include the creative team behind the film, noting the return of composer Joseph LoDuca and special makeup effects by Mark Shostrom, which hints at the film's high-quality production and continuation of the original's creative vision.

"Evil Dead 2" is often remembered for its over-the-top gore, inventive set-pieces, and Campbell's iconic performance, cementing its status as a benchmark in the horror genre. The poster encapsulates this legacy, promising a thrilling experience that combines horror with dark comedy, a unique concoction that has delighted fans for decades.

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