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117 Days Until Halloween- Countdown To Halloween 2024

Featured Image For 117 Days Until Halloween- Countdown To Halloween 2024.   A vintage Halloween illustration of a 1950s-style woman in a festive kitchen, baking cookies and surrounded by Halloween decorations, including carved pumpkins and spider webs.
In the warm glow of her quaint kitchen, the perfect homemaker baked cookies with a smile. Yet, the carved pumpkins and cobwebs whispered dark secrets. As the aroma of freshly baked treats filled the air, one couldn't help but wonder if her charming smile hid something more sinister. Halloween had a way of making the sweetest things seem just a bit unsettling.

🎃 117 days until Halloween! 🎃

Step back into a nostalgic Halloween kitchen with this charming vintage illustration. A smiling 1950s housewife bakes a tray of delicious chocolate chip cookies, surrounded by beautifully decorated cupcakes and festive jack-o'-lanterns. The kitchen is adorned with cobwebs, bats, and Halloween garlands, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere. Relive the warmth and joy of Halloween preparations from days gone by. Let the countdown continue!



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